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Selling A Home in Phoenix, Arizona During a Sellers' Market
Selling A Home in Phoenix, Arizona During a Sellers' Market

Selling A Home in Phoenix, Arizona During a Sellers' Market

If you're looking to sell a home in the Phoenix - Tempe - Scottsdale area, you are just in time. Arizona in 2021 is a hot sellers' market in home sales (Source), which means demanding buyers are clamoring to buy the supply of homes on the real estate market in the Phoenix area, and Paul McComb Realty is ready to dive in with you.

Faster Sales, Less Worry in Scottsdale Arizona
Faster Sales, Less Worry in Scottsdale Arizona

Why Use a Realtor To Sell Your Home?: Faster Sales, Less Worry

Many people in this DIY era believe they can slap a "For Sale By Owner" sign on the front and get top dollar for their home. (Learn about why buying a house from an owner is also not ideal on our Buy a Home page)

The fact is, while some "For Sale By Owner" contracts go alright, they can virtually always go better with the help of a real estate agent who is:

Experienced. With nearly 15 years of experience in real estate, Paul McComb understands realty terms and laws that most homeowners aren't familiar with.

Connected. When an experienced real estate agent works in the same market for a while, we make a lot of contacts. Home inspectors, appraisers, realtors from different areas, etc. All of these are at your disposal while we are working on your home sale.

Enthusiastic. We love the real estate business and we love making our clients happy. Our enthusiasm spills into everything we do with our company.

Full-Time Agent. Who has time to read through detailed offers after a long day at work? Let your realtor handle that for you! We don't pile your offers onto the long list of things for you to do. You ARE our work, and we love being there for you, all the time.

Varied. Because of our extensive experience, we are equipped to sell anything from luxury homes to lofts to townhomes to commercial properties. We can handle it.

Life is plenty busy. Don't make it busier by giving yourself more work to do in a tremendously complicated industry best navigated with realtor experience. 

If you're ready to sell your home (or a
small commercial building), Paul McComb Realty is here to support you. We'll help you whittle down listings by screening for the features that are most important to you, and we work tirelessly to help you find the home buyer with the perfect offer. (Please note that we do not handle foreclosures or short sales.)

Give us a call at (480) 310-2597 or contact Paul McComb Realty here.

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